Monday, 7 September 2015

News hot off the press!

Last year on 3rd September we were in Dunbar, Scotland at a service of commemoration and healing for the Battle of Dunbar, where 5,000 men were taken prisoner by Cromwell and his men. These men were matched South to Durham Cathedral. Many died of starvation en route, and many more died while imprisoned there and until now, it has never been known where their bodies lay. 

On 2nd September this year the BBC and other news agencies reported:

Skeletons found near Durham Cathedral were those of 17th Century Scottish prisoners of war, tests have revealed.

Between 17 and 29 sets of remains were found in a mass grave in 2013 during work on a university library.

The bodies appeared to have been tipped into ground, all jumbled together and without signs of  ceremony.

Following detailed study, experts from the university have dated them to 1650, and believe them to be Scottish soldiers aged 13-25, captured during the Battle of Dunbar.

Dr Andrew Millard, from Durham University's Department of Archaeology, said: "Taking into account the range of detailed scientific evidence we have now, alongside historical evidence from the time, the identification of the bodies as the Scottish soldiers from the Battle of Dunbar is the only plausible explanation.

Archaeologists say that it sheds light on a 365-year-old mystery. It is possible that there are more mass graves under what are now the university buildings. 

The hope is to take the remains back to Scotland to be reinterred in an approved burial site. WOW.

It’s just isn’t possible to put into words how much this means to us. It brought us to tears as we read the news that these young men were no longer “out of sight and out of mind”. People may have forgotten them but God never had. To us it is a sure sign of God’s healing of past wounds.

To Him be all the glory and praise!



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