Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Just to recap, we started 2015 with an invitation to return to Dunbar to take part in services for Christian Unity week.

The Battle of Dunbar resulted 5,000 men being taken prisoner by Cromwell and marched to Durham to be imprisoned in the Cathedral. However only 1,600 survived as many died of starvation. In September 2015, it was announced that skeletons uncovered in the grounds of Durham Cathedral were believed to be those of these prisoners.  

As a result of this news, I wrote to every Member of the Scottish Parliament, enclosing a copy of the letter of apology signed by members of Huntingdon Churches Together. 

We were encouraged by the responses, including one from the Rt Hon. Nicola Surgeon First Minister and two other Cabinet Ministers. They thanked me for the letter and wrote

"As a Government we recognise the substantial and enduring influence of the Christian faith in transforming and inspiring Scotland’s people and culture. We appreciate Huntingdon Churches Together recognising the Battle of Dunbar and it’s place in Scottish history. As you say, it is remarkable that today, we are still uncovering archaeological evidence which explains even more about how these events unfolded. We also recognise the efforts of Arise Ministries in working for reconciliation and the commemoration of all the lives lost in that particular battle”.

We praise God that He is the one that brings all these things to light so as to complete the healing that He has begun.

2016 has started in a similar way with an invitation to County Cork, Ireland, to share in their events for Christian Unity week. RTÉ, Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster, has requested an interview with me in Dublin on 21st January. Katie, Annette and I travel to Ireland on Wednesday 20th January. We plan to stay in Dublin until Friday then travel to Cork for the weekend, returning home on Sunday the 24th January.

We place all this in God’s hands, knowing He has directed our path over the years. Isaiah 60 “Arise shine for your light has come ……” As we read God’s promises, we in Arise, like you, long for their fulfilment.  However we have to wait patiently for God’s timing as He holds all of history in His hand and will weave everything into His divine plan.   

Many blessings in Christ for 2016


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