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Arise Ministries visit to Co. Cork, January 2016.

Sunrise over Huntingdon
 Excerpts from a report written by Ian Fleming from County Cork.

(Pictures Arise Ministries Huntingdon)

The visit of Arise Ministries to Co. Cork was a gift from the Lord Jesus. I was given a copy of Shirley's book while attending the funeral of Dennis Wrigley in Manchester in November 2015. When I had finished the book I realised the Holy Spirit was prompting me to contact Shirley. We wanted to include her as guest speaker at the annual “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity” services scheduled for 23rd/24th Jan. I discovered that Shirley was giving an interview to RTE radio in Dublin on 21st January and so fitted in perfectly with our arrangements.

RTE Centre Katie Sims, Shirley Bowers and Annette Quail 

Ian Fleming's report.........

Reading Shirley's book gave me a new perspective and I knew her wonderful Christ-like message of reconciliation with an apology and forgiveness was a perfect fit for our deepest nationwide imperative to be able to mature and move on from our history of intense hurt.

A prayer group in Macroom invited Shirley for the Friday evening. Macroom is a market town and was a stronghold Castle given to Sir William Penn by Cromwell. Macroom is close the site of a subsequent massacre of some 2000 Irish soldiers in 1652 by Parliamentarian forces under the control of Lord Broghill.

Prayed around Macroom Castle gates. 

About 50 people came to the prayer meeting from all over the area, including some from Co. Kerry. Shirley's address followed a joyful praise and worship session and she gave a heartfelt summary of her journey to Ireland in 2002. There was powerful healing and great emotional release during and following the address.

Shirley presents a copy of the letter of apology to Eileen O'Dea, prayer leader. 

Glanworth, five miles north of Fermoy. It is a place with an amazing history and the site of a 14th century Dominican Friary.

It is well known locally for the sacking of this abbey by Cromwellian troops and the subsequent transporting of a group of altar boys, to the West Indies. Praying at the broken altar in the ruined church sanctuary we were all overcome with grief and emotion for these innocent victims of terror and persecution and for their heart-broken mothers and fathers. This visit had a profound effect on Shirley and the team.

Praying at the broken altar 

Shirley was overcome with grief and emotion 

The Sunday Unity Service was at 3pm in the local Anglican Church Hall. Shirley's address was of exceptional value and many present found great healing for years/generations of anger against the British rule and especially the crimes against humanity committed by Oliver Cromwell. The presentation of the framed scroll by Shirley to Fr Aquin Casey, administrator of the Local Catholic parish of St Patrick, Fermoy, was a particularly emotional moment.

Shirley presents a copy of the letter of apology from Huntingdon Churches Together from 2002 

Fr Aquin Casey, administrator of the Local Catholic parish of St Patrick, Fermoy, 

Everyone received their own copy of the letter. 

The response after the service from all present was enthusiastically positive and you could feel the reconciliation that ensued. We have been blessed mightily by the Lord in bringing the Arise team and their faithful witness to the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah!

Ian Fleming

Prayer walking in Fermoy 

Ian Fleming with the scrolls.

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  2. I've read Shirley's book as well and feel that it really is good indeed. Even those at http://growtouch.com/seo-cork had mentioned it and everyone was really pleased with it.