Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Saturday 1st October Annette, Vanessa and myself were invited to a charity concert at Nosely Hall, the ancestral home of Sir Arthur Hesilrige. Sir Arthur was one of Cromwell's Lieutenants and disagreed with Cromwell about beheading King Charles 1st. As a result of this Sir Arthur refused to sign the death warrant and he continued to fight Cromwell through parliament. .......After the concert I was asked to speak for a short time about Arise Ministries in relationship with the Hesilrige family. Afterwards we all went over to the chapel for prayers.

On Friday 23rd September I was invited to share my journey and the work of Arise Ministries at the Mission Northamptonshire gathering. God touched many lives including ours. It was wonderful to be part of their preparations to pray over their county. 

On Monday 19th September I was invited to speak to the Transforming the Atmosphere team at the House of Prayer in Norwich headed up by Jill Gower. It was a truly wonderful night. We met up with old friends and made new ones. God's presence blessed us all and many felt inspired as I shared my story and the work of Arise Ministries. It was a revelation to them when I shared what we had discovered about the Scottish prisoners from Dunbar being sent as slave labour to drain the fens. How many of their skeletons lay hidden in the dykes and fields around Norwich? I have no doubt we will be back as Jill would like me to share with a wider group at a later date. 
 Jill Gower and Shirley Bowers

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