Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Arise visit to Youghal, Cork and Milltown, County Kerry, Ireland November 2016

It was a privilege to be in Ireland for the weekend. The landscape and the weather were beautiful and the healing we saw God bringing was also beautiful. As we drove to Fermoy, County Cork, the first evening there was a double rainbow and we believed God for a double portion of blessing. As we arrived in Milltown for the final appointment on Sunday, there was the rainbow and God's promise to us once more! We were joined on this trip by Kelvin and Evaline McCracken from Northern Ireland and we were hosted by Ian and Heather Fleming.
Ian Fleming  talking with Vanessa Murphy
Our meetings began on Saturday morning when we were met in Youghal by Walter Verling and a few of his friends. Walter read my book some years ago and had been planning this visit for a while. Youghal is where Cromwell spent some of the winter in 1649. We visited what is left of the Priory, where Cromwell made his headquarters, and St Mary’s Collegiate Church where he stabled his horses. This visit turned out to be more significant than we had imagined, and we have been invited back next year.
Walter Verling giving Shirley the last rose of summer. 

St Mary’s Collegiate Church
Saturday afternoon we were welcomed to Cork by the Men of Emmaus prayer group. They had invited me to speak at a gathering focussed on unity. God had His hand on this meeting and His presence was tangible. The letter of apology was graciously received by the men and they responded with an apology for any retaliation for what Cromwell did.  Vanessa and I were deeply touched by these men's faithfulness and our prayer is that they will see even more fruit from their prayers. We have been invited back here too.
 Shirley presents the letter of apology to the Men of Emmaus prayer group. 

The last event of the weekend was in Milltown, County Kerry. We were met by three lovely ladies who had prayed together for many years and they took us to the Mass Rock, where Fr Moriarty was arrested and later killed by Cromwellian soldiers. After a short time of prayer we went onto Kilcolman Abbey, a ruin which had been bombarded by Cromwellian cannons.
 We gathered to pray at the Mass Rock

Kilcolman Abbey, a ruin which had been bombarded by Cromwellian cannons.

 Beautiful sunset over County Kerry.

Around 80 people gathered for the evening event, which began with a wonderful time of worship. I could see lives being touched as I spoke but hadn't realised how much till later. Fr Joe, a Dominican Prior from the same order as Fr Moriarty, came and brought with him the chalice that had been used at Mass Rock that fateful day. I felt a deep pain of sorrow and tears filled my eyes as I read and presented Fr Joe with the letter of apology from Huntingdon Churches Together. Fr Joe graciously responded with words of gratitude encouraging all to forgive and unite together. Afterwards I was surprised how many people expressed their thankfulness and amazement at what we were doing. One gentleman had travelled some distance to hear what I had to say and he had tears in his eyes as he shared his thoughts. Many lives were deeply touched. Our God is an awesome God!

May the healing continue and the beautiful people of Ireland know His abundant blessing!

Many blessings


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