Sunday, 16 September 2018

Reburial of Scottish Soldiers in Durham, May 2018

On 18th May, Annette, Katie, Vanessa and I were privileged to attend the reburial of the Scottish Prisoners who died in Durham in 1650-52. The attendees were all linked to the men or the project in some way, including many civic dignitaries representing the areas where the men hailed from, as well as a representative from their Regiment who gave them a very moving salute. 

 It was a simple graveside ceremony, held at a cemetery less than a mile from where they were found. The setting was beautiful, just like a meadow, and a fitting place for these young men to be laid to rest. The service and casket both reflected the traditions of the 17th Century and attendees were given the opportunity to scatter a handful of soil from Dunbar into the grave. It was a moving and dignified service, which they had been denied centuries ago. 

 As I stood by the graveside afterwards, I felt overcome with remorse and sadness and tears came from deep within. The Scotsman standing beside me, said, It’s not your fault you know!” 

 We, like many others, felt as if we were at the funeral of a close relative who had died only recently. The team that have worked on this project could not have done more. 

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