About Us

Arise Ministries is a small group of Christians of mixed denominations dedicated to prayer, healing and reconciliation. We are based in Huntingdon, England, the birthplace of the 17th Century English leader Oliver Cromwell. Shirley Bowers is the leader, and Rev Scott Watts is the pastor. We have many prayer partners around the globe.

Cromwell was a devout Puritan and states in many of the campaign letters that he fought his battles in the name of Christ, led by the Holy Ghost (Spirit). He is, and will always be, a controversial figure. Some see him as a godly man leading the country to freedom, others see him as a dictator who had no thought or care for those who disagreed with him. In Arise Ministries, we are not pro- or anti-Cromwell, but over the years we have discovered that this part of our history has left consequences that affect people today.

As Huntingdon is the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell, we feel it has a specific role in bringing healing and reconciliation to our nation and other nations. Since 1998, we have travelled to those places where Cromwell‘s legacy is keenly felt, particularly Ireland and Barbados. Our prayer is that as we acknowledge their pain, and say sorry for what they suffered, it will draw a line under their history and give them the opportunity to forgive and know healing and freedom as a result.

The name “Arise Ministries” comes from the scripture given to our nation – Isaiah 60:1 “ARISE, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” We long to see unity spread throughout the body of Christ, so that as barriers come down, we can arise as God's people and be the church God has called us to be.

Arise Team

Back left Vanessa Murphy,  right Val Sewell.
Front left Katie Sims, right Annette Quail.

Shirley Bowers leader of Arise Ministries. She describes herself as an ordinary woman with an extraordinary God