From History to Hope

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“This book is a testimony to the healing and transforming power of God. Shirley shares how God changed her life around and showed her what he was doing for her, he longed to do for others, for communities and even nations.  She translated her own personal experience into a mission to bring his healing and reconciling grace to the broken relationships that have existed between the peoples of England and Ireland, or wherever Irish people have settled.  This is a story of hope, of God-ordained encounters and what can only be  described as miraculous moments and experiences.  The first edition of From History to Hope was published in 2006.  Now the reader will be able to read the story in the light of all that has happened in the England/Ireland situation during the intervening years, not least the historic visit of Her Majesty the Queen to the Republic of Ireland.  So read the book and be inspired.ˮ
Rev Robin Mann

 “Without doubt, what Shirley has got to share in this book is not just theory, but the fruit of holding and walking faithfully in the revelation that the Lord was progressively releasing.  Please read this book prayerfully and may the High One give you the grace to rise above the ashes of yesterday so as to build for tomorrow.ˮ
From the Foreword by Pastor John Mulinde

Shirley Bowers lives in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and is the leader and founder of Arise Ministries. She is married to Tony and has four children and  many grandchildren. Shirley describes herself as an ordinary woman with an extraordinary God.   
From History to Hope is His Story.

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