Thursday, 3 September 2020

Circle of Remembrance update

September 2020

Despite Covid 19, Jamel Brewster has now completed the construction work on the Circle of Remembrance in Barbados.  The memorial plaque made from Irish limestone was created by Brendan Hughes in Wexford, Ireland, this was important as it represents the land from which so many were sent.  The four smaller plaques were donated by Christians from Scotland, Ireland England and Wales.  This too is important so that no matter where the people came from originally their land is included.

Our friend Margaret Anne, herself a descendant, along with husband Herbert and son Justin have undertaken the task of sowing grass and filling the planters for us. She and Herbert attend St Margaret's Church where the memorial is place

Our prayer at the beginning of this project was that the people in the area would be involved and they are, Margaret Anne is making sure of that!   It's been a costly project but worth every penny for the descendants to know they are loved and no longer forgotten.  If you would like to contribute details can be found on the video below.

Friday, 26 June 2020