Sunday, 20 November 2016

Testimony from County Kerry

There were quite a few people at the meeting who had never attended a prayer meeting but came attracted by the Cromwell connection, that made a difference to the overall energy of the meeting. We are very conscious that seeds were sown that night, that will bear fruit, many, even prayer group people had never known about the story of the Irish deported to Barbados. We are all still marvelling at your commitment and energy and your faithfulness to the vision which the Lord gave you for reconciliation and your mission to the Irish people. Fr. Jo the Prior, was very touched by your witness. It takes wonderful love, faith and courage to do what you have done now for several years. We all gained new confidence and trust in the Lord's love and care for our people because of your dedicated ministry and coming among us. Thank you Shirley and Arise team.
As we arrived in Milltown County Kerry. A rainbow just visible, Gods promise   


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